.Friendship Necklace Set 🎁

Products Details:
This shareable necklace set is the perfect gift. 
The classic friendship / mother-daughter necklace re-imagined. The Sun & Moon necklace set is the perfect gift for that special person who is the light of your life! The set is meant to be separated into two halves, making it a perfect gift for a cherished friend, sister, mother or daughter as a timeless symbol of your bond. The necklace is crafted in the shape of a sun and moon and draws inspiration from the duality and eternal connection that the Sun and the Moon have with each other.
  • Material: Recycled sterling silver with 18kt gold plating
  • Gems: colored moonstone, sunstone, and champagne-colored zirconia
  • Length of each necklace: 17.5" w/ 1.5" extension (maximum length 19")
  • Sun Pendant: .5" diameter
  • Moon Pendant: .5" x .4"