St. Christopher Medallion Necklace 16"-18"

Saint Christopher is the friendly patron saint of travelers, often shown carrying the Christ child across a river. He’s always ready to offer protection and safe journeys to anyone who asks for his help.

Product Details
  • Handcrafted Jewelry in the US
  • All metal components are 14k Gold Filled 
  • Necklace length is adjustable from 16 to 18 inches
  • Perfect for layering.
  • 16mm St. Christopher medallion measures 7/8" diameter
  • Safe for sensitive skin.

Material Information:

A Demi-Fine piece of jewelry, sustainably handmade in 14K Gold Filled. 14K Gold Filled is made by pressure bonding a thick layer of 14K Gold to a brass core. The gold layer is 100x thicker than Gold Plating, and 20x thicker than Vermeil. It is the best alternative to solid 14K Gold. You can wear your Gold Filled jewelry everyday without worrying about the gold layer wearing off.