Connor Roemen Fundraiser Bracelets

100% of the proceeds will be given to the Roemen family to assist with Connor's medical expenses.
His Story:
Our sweet nephew Connor was a backseat passenger in a car accident on Saturday July 10th in Okoboji, IA. He suffered a severe spinal injury and was left with no feeling below the waist. He was airlifted to Sanford in Sioux Falls, SD and underwent surgery early Sunday morning July 11th. Thank you to all of you who have been praying. Our prayers are being answered. 🙏🏼 His initial prognosis was grim. We were told he would not walk again. But during surgery they found that his spinal cord had not been severed as it had appeared on his MRI. 🙏🏼 The surgery on his spine went well and with the grace of God we now have hope that Connor will one day walk again.  After spending 11 days in Sanford Children's Hospital, he was transported on a medical flight from Sioux Falls to Craig Hospital in Denver where he will spend the next couple of months healing and in rehab learning to walk again.  The fight he has ahead of him will be a long and hard one. Please pray for a full recovery and for the physical, mental, and emotional strength he will need to get through this. ❤️
For those of you who do not know Connor ... he's amazing!  His courage, strength and determination are inspiring!  And though he's going through the unimaginable, his kind heart shines through!  We love him so much.   ❤️


Thank you for helping to support him through his recovery!  #CONMANSTRONG

Any additional donations can be made via Connor's Go Fund Me or Venmo.  You can also continue to follow his story via his Caring Bridge site.  All links are listed below.  

Go Fund Me:

Venmo: @traciroemen

Caring Bridge: